Our MA series heavy duty slurry pump is mainly applied to continuous pumping abrasive and corrosive slurries. Thanks to its excellent corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance property, it is more cost effective and could be used for longer periods of time.

The MG series sand and gravel pump is strategically designed with a large diameter and large flow. Its discharge direction can be oriented in any direction of 360 degrees.

Due to its demanding design, our MV series vertical slurry pump operates stably and reliably in harsh working conditions without shaft seals and water seals.

The MH series high head slurry pump, with metal anti-wear wet end parts, offer optimum wear life and can be used in multi-stage series applications. Currently the largest size is 6".

Thanks to its excellent abrasion resistance and easy maintenance, our MD series dredging pump could perfectly meet customer’s requirement for efficient dredging.

Our ML series light duty slurry pump maintain high efficiency over the wear life of its components. It is quite suitable for handling low abrasive, long density slurries with minimal maintenance requirement.

The MF series vertical froth pump is a unique design, for continuous pumping of abrasive and corrosive frothy and high viscosity slurry.