Manufacturing workshop

Currently we are striving forward to be a automation and sophisticated enterprise. Muyuan continuously improve the automation degree and expand the number and size of the equipment to better serve our customers and optimize our manufacturing capacity.

Nearly a thousand molds are available at Muyuan. These molds are made strictly accordance with casting processing. Their input and output will be recorded in ERP (enterprise resource planning) software, so as to ensure that all stocking information is upgraded timely and precisely.

Our foundry workshop, occupying an area of more than 8 thousand square meters, is outfitted with two highly automatic resin sand molding lines, easily to meet varies casting requirement, including different process, different sizes, different material, etc. Our foundry workshop can reach 300 Tons casting per month.

The heat treatment process is controlled by computer, which improve the casting internal crystal structure, and enhance their performance.

IIn Muyuan’s machining workshop, there are more than twenty sets of machining equipment, like the CNC vertical milling center and CNC double column vertical lathe. Our CNC vertical milling center provides excellent machining accuracy and high working uniformity. Coupled with optimized manufacturing technology and special tools, the pump parts machining procedure becomes centralized, improving quality and efficiency. Our CNC double column vertical lathe allows two cutters to operate simultaneously, so the working efficiency is guaranteed.

Muyuan’s assembly workshop is separated into several areas, including bearing assembly area, small pump assembly area and vertical pump assembly area. In the workshop, different areas operate independently without interruption, so as to guarantee the products quality at the same time improve the assembly efficiency.
The bearing assembly is carried out in a room where negative pressure and constant temperature are ensured. This enhances the bearings performance and keeps the pump in stable operation even in harsh applications.
In addition, Muyuan strives to be an eco-friendly enterprise, so we installed dedusting equipment, smoke-extraction equipment, and VOC emission control equipment. We also obtained " Foundry Production License" and " Pollution Discharge Permit" issued from the Government, ensure our factory continuous and normal production.